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Work update. Ahem.

I had the pleasure of my first ever productive Performance Review at work. It shouldn't come as a surprise at this point, and I guess it isn't really, but it's still jarring somehow; there is a sobering finality to the changes that took place at my office since The Old Boss retired to his fields of bees, and the Second In Command became my fearless leader. Fearless, and thorough, and fair. Such was reflected in my performance review: and I shit you not, at the end she said she was "Blessed to have [me]".
Dudes. For a lady that stalwartly Evangelical Christian to look me square in the eyes- and me a Jewess no less!- and tell me without exaggeration or pretense that I'm a boon brought to her by God... remarkable stuff. What a completely different landscape my office is to me, from what it was for 5 years.
It remains to be seen what monetary compensation is commensurate with being sent by God to answer phones, but I'm hopeful. More hopeful than I've been in a very long time at my job. It's the timid, beaten puppy of hopefulness that I've learned to distinguish from the rambunctious, ambitious puppy of hope that earned all those beatings in the first place.
Ah, puppies.

So maybe this coming year won't be as hard financially. I have no hope of advancing at my office for a number of reasons. But maybe this year I'll start making "contemplate having a family" money. Pleasant thought, as these woman-innards of mine are just a few seasons away from turning into a Downs factory.


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