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I uh... am on you. Now.

It's weird being gone from LJ. It's been such a staple of mine for such a very long time. I haven't really bothered with writing much of anything since it went away. It's literally been my journal. And I have this blank new one now (I know it's not really blank, hush).

My new job is hard in ways I haven't really experienced since I was young. It's a better job than 311. There is no part of that up for dispute.
I have not, however, received training. And it is in fact different work than what I've been doing. It's literally a data technician job. I analyze, process, and record data. And I don't really know how to do it yet. It bums me out every day. And every day I get a little better at learning how to learn to do this job. I get better at identifying who will have insight into what the fuck I'm doing. I get better at determining what I can power my way through on my own, and what I have to lay at the feet of somebody who knows what the hell they're doing.
The hours are better. The location is better. There's free parking. I have weekends back. There's lots of down time. Everybody is very laid back. The phones barely ring. I just feel like a big dummy all the time.

311 is trying to fire my trainer. The first person I really befriended there. I'm trying very hard to resource ways to keep her from being railroaded out. I don't think she should stay there. But Pioneer taught me that leaving on your own terms is better than facing disciplinary actions. That shit never comes off your record.
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