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I attended an all-day offsite seminar on Tuesday entitled "Developing Emotional Intelligence". Which... fine, okay. I am not always a warm or emotionally available person.
It was an interesting day, all over. I was reminded that- and I hope [livejournal.com profile] fop can appreciate this- a lot of things that happen in the regular course of a day can be considered good material for future story telling.
Not great storytelling, mind. Not even great material. But different enough from the norm to be noteworthy. Ish.
Over the course of the day I discovered how terribly good I am at leading small groups of people, which was fun and worthless. I smile, I make eye contact, I open up my body language. I lean forward and grunt in the affirmative when others speak. I cajole and coax. I tell sympathetic anecdotes which bring others into the group. I tell jokes and laugh. I enunciate. I speak from deep in my chest and project. No shit, I'm fucking good at this. I got some lady to cry-cathart. Which is now a word.
You're welcome.

Later on in the day, during the lecture bits, the instructor bemoaned the current state of communication. He lamented the "fact" that today's generation of youths will never learn how to converse with other people because they're always texting or posting to social media. "What's wrong with talking on the telephone?" he exclaimed.
The class echoed his fears and his assessment.
I sat silently in the back, wondering if these people had any concept that before the TELEPHONE folks used to write letters in order to communicate with people when they couldn't address them directly. Seems more like the current generation is just coming back around to the way things used to be. Before the godforsaken telephone made communication between people so abrupt and base. LETTER WRITING. Jesus.
It'd be great if just one generation of people could let go of the myth of the Golden Age of their own youth. Just one.
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